Sunday, 17 January 2016

Guardian: Britain’s future must lie within a reformed Europe

Guardian: Britain’s future must lie within a reformed Europe

Article by Nicky Morgan MP, Education Secretary

"This goes to the heart of the negotiations the prime minister is leading in Europe, negotiations that won’t just define our future role in Europe, but the kind of Britain our children will grow up in. I think all of us agree what we don’t want that Britain to be: anti-competitive with more laws made overseas and with people travelling here for the benefits on offer rather than to pay their way. But we also don’t want our children to inherit a Britain cut off from the world, where their prospects are limited and their opportunities end. That’s why this renegotiation matters, something it’s easy to forget in the humdrum of offers and counter proposals. It matters because we’ll be deciding how and where our country stands in the world.

In my other role as minister for women, I’m sometimes asked what the referendum means for “women’s issues”. I don’t think many women would disagree that it’s a good thing that under EU law a British woman who becomes pregnant while working in Europe can’t be discriminated against. Nor can I think of any woman who wouldn’t welcome the fact that the EU is at the forefront of the battle to eradicate FGM, honour crimes and forced marriage."

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