Friday, 1 January 2016

Christianity and Capitalism, by Rousas Rushdoony

This is rather more of a pamphlet than a book. It extols the virtues of capitalism, explaining that this economic system is compatible within a Biblical worldview.

Rushdoony identifies in capitalism the virtues of work and thrift, which is rooted in character, the willing to forego pleasure for the improvement of the future. They used to talk a lot about character at the Evangelical Christian school to which I was sent. Our author argues that socialism is a definite threat to this virtue and can only lead to ruin. He demonstrates that Jesus' teaching is in no way an endorsement of socialism.

This is a good book, though with its short length, it does not go into any great depth. I think there is some historical anachronism in Rushdoony connecting capitalism with the Puritans, who were possibly more medieval in their economic views.

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