Friday, 20 November 2015

The Telegraph: How patriotic are British Muslims? Much more than you think, actually

Article by Asa Bennett

"Some Twitter users have tried to extrapolate this to Britain's 2.7 million Muslim population, claiming that it means 810,000 Muslims are "sympathetic to the Hebdo killers". But that looks to be seriously stretching things, as the question merely sheds light on those having "some sympathy for the motives", which is not the same as agreeing with the attacks.
All it shows is that 27 per cent of Muslims surveyed by ComRes feel they understand why Charlie Hebdo was targeted. It does not show that they endorse the attacks, nor does it show they want to do the same.
Further details from the ComRes survey that Mr Farage hails bear this out: 85 per cent of those surveyed say they do not think organisations that publish depictions of the Prophet Mohammed "deserved to be attacked".
Other research gives a clearer idea about how Britain's Muslims feel about their country. A study by Demos - "Place for Pride" - in 2011 found that British Muslims tended to be more patriotic and more optimistic about Britain's future than the average citizen."

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