Friday, 20 November 2015

The Heavy Anglo Orthodox: Against Islamophobia

The Heavy Anglo Orthodox: Against Islamophobia

"Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I can often come off as a sceptic of Islam, and particularly harsh on political Islam in particular. This isn’t anything new since I chrismated into Orthodoxy, mind you; I’d been just as critical of radical political Islam when I was still Episcopalian. However, I have very, very little patience for those who make their careers as professional and public-intellectual ‘critics of Islam’, and particularly those of the neoconservative, nativist and nouveau-atheist flavours."

Matt the Orthodox metalhead moved his blog a while ago, so I have missed all his recent posts. I am so sorry I missed this one from early October. A lot of Orthodox bloggers seem to spend all their time bashing Muslims. I am delighted to find that Matt resists that tendency.

I tend to disagree with Matt more often than I agree with him, but I feel a certain affinity with his thoughts. Both he and I are conservatives who are at odds with wider conservatism. He is an High Tory who takes a generally left-wing stance on economics, combined with an whole-hearted commitment to opposing racism. I'm probably a bit more mainstream in my neo-liberal neo-conservatism, but I find myself at odds with most conservatives in my pro-immigration, pro-European Union, pro-Human Rights and pro-welfare stances.

I'm glad Matt is still posting and offering his alternative perspectives.

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