Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Royal World: Poppies

Royal World: Poppies

If I lived in Britain I would wear a poppy when appropriate. However, partly because as a pan-monarchist I am unable to regard 1918 and 1945 (especially 1918) as unqualified "Victories," there is something about the conformism of it all that bothers me, and I think Peter Hitchens puts his finger on it here, while making it clear that he himself is deeply moved by Remembrance Day and what it represents. Given that the two World Wars, for all the undoubted courage of British and Commonwealth soldiers, ended up damaging or destroying virtually everything genuine traditionalists believe in, should there not be room on the Right for tolerance of anti-war perspectives?

I don't always agree with Theodore Harvey, but here he manages to say exactly what I think about this subject, but had never articulated so succinctly.


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