Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mr Gog's Mystablog: Not Christ the Caliph

Mr Gog's Mystablog: Not Christ the Caliph

'In my new parish, there's an excellent priest who is known as something of an impassioned leftist. I'm very happy for him to preach the social gospel as long as he doesn't mind hearing me go on about things like the sacral dimension of monarchy from time to time - and surely the feast of Christ the King is one of those times!

Jesus knew about the old Roman Republic and Athenian democracy, and yet he never talked about the "Republic of Heaven." Nor do we talk about "Christ the President," "Christ the P.M.," or "Christ the Dear Leader." Heaven is a kingdom of which Christ is King.

People sometimes disparage monarchy as the last vestige of a deeply unequal and unfair class society, but all the evidence points to the reverse: in independent listings, the most equal societies and the most of the top ten least corrupt countries are ruled by hereditary monarchs. Think Scandiwegia. The most corrupt countries with the most unequal distribution of wealth are people's Republics, whether North or South American or otherwise.'

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