Friday, 20 November 2015

Elle Magazine: 9 Reasons Blocking Syrian Refugees is Appalling, Racist and Wrong

Elle Magazine: 9 Reasons Blocking Syrian Refugees is Appalling, Racist and Wrong

​"I am truly appalled at the tiny-minded, shortsighted, self-interested, pandering, lowest-common-demominator stupidity of the GOP's latest sweep of anti-refugee sentiment. It is ahistorical and hypocritical. It is wrongheaded and it is wrong-hearted. It is selfish. It is cold. It is racist.

And my God it is depressing, because it's not just one lone terrible person like Chris Christie sinking as low as he can sink (getting tough on three-year old orphans!), but now it's the House of Representatives voting 289-137 to block Syrian refugees from entry.

The bill, which adds an additional individual certification process atop the already onerous process for admitting refugees (basically a de facto block), was supported by 100 percent of the voting Republicans and 47 Democrats (who, in doing so, broke with all three of their presidential candidates, and their president).

On the campaign trail, every GOP candidate for president has said no to allowing Syrian refugees into the country in the wake of the Paris attacks.

More magnanimous in real terms but somehow more revolting overall, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have said, okay, they'd let refugees in—​but only if they are Christian. Media baron Rupert Murdoch, scion of Fox News, also tweeted in support of an exception for "proven Christians."

This wave of intense xenophobia hits home for me, and it's not just because I'm an immigrant Canadian Jew living in the United States. (Hi, Rupert!) It's not even because, as a Jew, I am well aware that if this were the 1940s and I was on a boat fleeing Nazi Europe, I would not be welcome in the U.S. or Canada. Though that doesn't exactly give me the warm fuzzies."

This article is a bit over-emotive and sentimental, but I agree with the main point.

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