Saturday, 3 October 2015

Telegraph: David Cameron is actually really good at politics

Telegraph: David Cameron is actually really good at politics

Article by Tim Stanley

If it all sounds like a muddle, a mush and a squidgy compromise then that’s because it is – and always was on the British Right before Margaret Thatcher handbagged us with ideology. Cameron hails from an older Tory tradition that saw ideology as fantasy. It put its faith in ancient institutions and used the government to iron out problems that threatened to divide society. This “steady as you go” attitude drives Left-wing pundits absolutely mad but it’s much closer to the view of voters who don’t want to hear from government unless they absolutely need it. Labour promises that “another world is possible” and doesn't understand that most folks don’t want to live in another world. They just want this one. With a few tweaks.

Absolutely right. Traditional Toryism was always about pragmatism. True Tories don't do ideology.

I have my issues with David Cameron, but I prefer him to his critics and he is truly, along with Angela Merkel in Germany, one of the greatest politicians of our age.

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