Thursday, 22 October 2015

Naturalis Historia- Diatoms: Tiny Organisms Highlight Big Inconsistencies in Young Earth Flood Geology Models

Naturalis Historia- Diatoms: Tiny Organisms Highlight Big Inconsistencies in Young Earth Flood Geology Models

The second problem here is not as obvious but just as big of a problem for the flood geology model. Dr. Snelling is not the only one to appeal to massive floating forests on the worlds oceans in the pre-Flood ecosystem. Many other YECs have appealed to huge floating forests covering much of the pre-flood oceans. There is no biblical evidence of such a forest and there is not direct observation of these forests so why the assumption and even insistence that this was part of that antedeluvian world? Because of the massive deposits of coal in the geological column. YECs accept, based on the evidence from historical science I might add, that coal really is the remains of plants and because there are trillions of tons of coal all that coal must represent plants that were alive at the time of the initiation of a global flood and then buried during that year. It doesn’t take much more than elementary school math to figure out that all that trillions of tons of coal represents an awful lot of trees. So many in fact, that the antedeluvial Earth must have been nearly covered in forest. Thus, the young earth model must find a place to put those trees. They couldn’t all have grown on land so YECs propose huge floating mats of vegetation covering large portions of the less-salty pre-Flood oceans.

What’s the problem here? Well there are many but sticking to the diatom story, diatoms are photosynthetic organisms. This means they require sunlight in order to produce their own sugars for food. Today diatoms produce as much as 25% of all the global oxygen produced by photosynthesis. How could the oceans be “teeming with diatoms and other photosynthetic organisms” if much of the ocean was covered by a floating forest blocking the sunlight necessary for diatoms survival? Both can’t be true to any meaningful extent because one would have excluded the other.

This article reveals the complex web of absurdities involved in Creationist Flood Geology. I had not even realised that some Creation Scientists advocate the idea that before the Flood, there were vast floating forests on the seas!

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