Sunday, 18 October 2015

Father Ed's Blog: Truth is being spoken to power

Father Ed's Blog: Truth is being spoken to power

The Synod on the family is bringing clarity to the church. Three things seem obvious. First there exists deep division between those who uphold the faith of the ages and those who have conformed to the spirit of the world. Second the gravest danger posed by the modernists does not centre on any one particular issue but in a scheme to devolve power away from Rome to national churches. Thirdly that things are not going smoothly for them, hence the need to rig things, and some brave souls are standing up to the assault on the faith and calling the church to sanity.

One such person is Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea, a Romanian. She made the following presentation to Pope Francis and the Synod bishops on Friday. It is the best analysis I have seen of what is really going on within Christianity in the 21st Century. And her words only gain gravitas when one considers the author’s own experience of living out the faith against the backdrop of a communist tyranny.

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