Saturday, 3 October 2015

Bring Everything to the Lord in Prayer

The Lord answered a fairly trivial prayer of mine today. Earlier this week I placed a bid on ebay for a book. I then purchased what I thought was a different book on Amazon, but which turned out to be the same book I bid for on ebay. You can't cancel a bid, so I was at risk of buying the same item twice. I prayed to God and I prayed to several blessed saints that I would be outbid by another customer. The Lord answered and I was outbid.

Some people think that it is impious to pray for trivial, personal things. I completely disagree. Small personal things are on our minds and will distract us if we do not commit them to the Lord. We need to pray about them, not worry about them. By taking such worries and concerns into our prayers, we learn utter and complete dependence on God. What is more, praying about small things gets us into the habit of prayer, it motivates us to pray. We can never spend too much time praying.

This is not to say that I do not pray about big things. Over the last week, I have made the Synod on the Family my intention every time I say the rosary. Yet how can we have confidence that God will answer our prayers about the great issues of the day, if we have no faith that He will answer us over the small details of our lives? When we experience answers from God over small things, we rejoice in our little victories and have confidence that God will do much mightier things in answer to our prayers.

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