Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Unabbreviated Horologion or Book of the Hours

The Book of the Hours contains the Eastern Orthodox offices of Matins, Vespers and Compline, as well as the First, Third, Sixth and Ninth daytime hours. It also contains part, but not the entire Menaion (equivalent to the Propers of western breviaries).

I was already familiar with some of these offices from other prayer books. I like the traditional language of this, but Eastern Orthodox prayers just don't work for me. Our Orthodox brethren don't have the same tradition of private use of the divine office that Catholics have. Hence, this liturgy cannot easily be used in private devotion; they are meant to be said by a priest with a choir. Trying to say them on your own in your living room just does not work. Nevertheless, those wanting to appreciate the differences between the western and eastern offices will find this very useful.

It's a bit of a bulky book and has no page markers. It also feels quite cheaply bound.

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