Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Archangel Barachiel

Oh Blessed St. Barachiel, obtain for us through your intercession, the fullness of the graces of the most holy sacrament of matrimony. Intercede for us most fervently, in those moments of great duress and temptation, when we are most unlikely to recall your power to intercede for us, that through your benevolent love, you may thwart the efforts of the evil one to harm our marriage, our family and our faith. Be our bulwark against our weaknesses that our union may grow stronger, our family may grow more pious and our faith may grow deeper. St. Barachiel come with your legion of angels to rouse us out of our torpor! Help us and our children to do good and grow in the love of God and Mary. Amen

Saint Barachiel, pray for us and for the Synod on the Family

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