Saturday, 26 September 2015

Daily Prayer from the Divine Office

Daily Prayer is a one-volume version of the British edition of the Liturgy of the Hours. It contains the offices of morning, daytime, evening and night prayer, but contains the offices of readings only for Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. In contrast with the Shorter Morning and Evening, with which I was introduced to the Divine Office, it contains a substantial set of propers for saints' days, so the user will be able to celebrate the full cycle of the church's liturgical year. For the benefit of Irish users, it also contains a separate section of propers for Irish feast days.

This is a compact and attractive book that is easy to read. It contains a quite sufficient set of page markers. It would have been helpful if the Benedictus and Magnificat had been placed on the back pages, as they are in many breviaries and it would also have been helpful to have the invitory psalms right at the beginning of the book, as they are in Shorter Morning and Evening. Nevertheless, this is still a vital resource and the easiest way for British Catholics to access the depth of the Liturgy of the Hours without forking out for the three volumes of the Divine Office.

Why not join that great cosmic choir of the Church, as we join in prayer and praise daily?

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