Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Feast of Our Lady, Queen of Angels

August Queen of Heaven!
Sovereign Mistress of the angels!
Thou who from the beginning
hast received from God
the power and mission to crush the head of Satan,
we humbly beseech thee
to send thy holy Legions,
that, under thy command
and by thy power,
they may pursue the evil spirits,
encounter them on every side,
resist their bold attacks
and drive them hence into the abyss of eternal woe.


Our Lady, Queen of Angels, pray for us, that we may be granted the privilege of reigning with Christ over the cosmic powers.


  1. I was thinking with the feast of St. Angelina that if I get to have a daughter born in August I'd name her Angelina both for the saint and for Our Lady Queen of Angels :)

    1. Had you heard of St Angelina of Serbia?

      She is of course an Orthodox and not a Catholic saint. But if Pope St. John Paul II can honour St. Gregory Palamas and St. Seraphim of Sarov, we are free to honour other Orthodox saints.

  2. No I haven't heard before of St. Angelina of Serbia but you are right, we can honour other saints freely.
    The other day I was wondering if we can consider C.H. Spurgeon like a saint... What do you think?
    I have been reading his morning and evening for a few years now and they are very edifying... I believe he lived a holy life...

    1. I do pray to Protestant figures such as Spurgeon, though I don't give them the title saints. I disagree with Aquinas who felt it was useless to pray to those in purgatory. I don't see why they can't pray for us and so merit their release.

      I would not pray to John Calvin or Martin Luther as those men left the Catholic Church and may therefore be damned.