Saturday, 29 August 2015

Maybe not so Ultraconservative?

I decided to remove the description of myself as 'Ultraconservative' from my profile as it seemed to have caused some confusion.

An American blog expressed bemusement that an Ultraconservative would support Jeb Bush. I think my choice of the word Ultraconservative was more in reference to my theology, which I think is very much on the conservative side of Catholicism and still owes a fair amount of affinity to my Evangelical background.

I would like to think I'm Ultraconservative politically; the sort of person who defends Pinochet and Franco and thinks Mussolini had a few good ideas up his sleeve, but I tend to find myself drifting towards the moderate side of Conservatism. I'm very much a wet Tory. I'm uncomfortable with radical welfare reform, I don't like the idea of scrapping the Human Rights Act and I'm very much a liberal on immigration. I personally don't see the EU and immigration as Left/Right issues, but most conservatives seem to think that being liberal on those issues makes one a bit less Right-wing.

I suppose calling myself 'Ultraconservative' might give people the wrong idea about my theology too. People could think I'm one of those Radical Catholic Traditionalists who reject Vatican II and think the Holy Father ia an heretic. So for now, I'l just be an orthodox Roman Catholic and a Conservative Party member (if a moderate one).

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  1. I thought the term ultraconservative did not give you much justice :)