Saturday, 29 August 2015

Catholic Herald: British Catholics must resist the nationalist temptation

Catholic Herald: British Catholics must resist the nationalist temptation

Article by Father Alexander Lucie-Smith

'So why on earth vote to stay in? The answer is because I am a Catholic and, as such, an internationalist. The single greatest threat to world peace is nationalism. Serb nationalism and Russian nationalism between them have given us a series of wars in in Europe in the last two decades.

Coupled with this is the threat of religious sectarianism, with which, Catholicism, properly understood, must always find itself at variance. The EU, defective as it is, does represent an attempt to overcome nationalism. The idea of Germany invading Poland would nowadays seem unthinkable.

A strong EU – and without Britain, the EU would be weaker – is a guarantee of safety to its more vulnerable members such as Poland and Lithuania. British readers hardly need reminding that these were two countries that we failed back in 1939, and we must never do that again. The European ideal leaves me a little cold, in its present incarnation, especially given the follies of the EU – I have not forgotten the Rocco Buttiglione affair. But for the sake of the new democracies of the East, we should vote to stay in.'

Absolutely right, Father. As I have said before, I just don't get how Catholics can support UKIP. UKIP seems completely antithetical to a Catholic outlook. A century ago, the people who rage against the European Union would be raging against Popery.

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