Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Benedictine Daily Prayer: A Short Breviary

Maxwell E. Johnson (ed.), Benedictine Daily Prayer: A Short Breviary, 2005 Liturgical Press

This is a one-volume version of the Benedictine Breviary. It is an attractive book, with a soft imitation leather cover. This is very much like a one-volume version of the Divine Office and can be used as such. Where it differs is in the presence of an order for nocturnal vigils and the division of daytime prayer into the traditional monastic hours of terce, sext and none. It also has a larger calendar of feast days than that of the Divine Office, including many saints of significance for Benedictines. It also has a specific Scripture reading for each day of the year, unlike most one-volume versions of the Liturgy.

It may take time to get used to saying this office, but it will not be difficult for Catholics with experience of saying the Liturgy of the Hours and it has plenty of page markers to make it easier to find where one needs to be.

I understand this breviary would not be sufficient to fulfill the obligations of a Benedictine Oblate, but it will be of interest to Catholics (and other Christians) wanting to appreciate monastic spirituality. It is also an excellent resource for saying the Church's Liturgy of the Hours.

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