Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Pocket Manual of Anglo-Catholic Devotion

Andrew Burnham, A Pocket Manual of Anglo-Catholic Devotion, 2004 Canterbury Press

I seem to like a lot of stuff that is published by Canterbury Press.

When it comes to prayer books, Anglicans seem to always come out on top. Not surprising, I suppose, when the Book of Common Prayer is so central to their tradition. This book is superior to the basic prayer manuals so common in Roman Catholicism, because it does not simply provide the reader with a set of ad hoc devotional prayers, but it moves them forward to a basic and easy to use daily office. In fact, A Pocket Manual contains two daily offices, one in traditional language that is taken directly from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, the other a modern language order for morning, midday, evening and night prayer that is largely based on Common Worship. Propers for the seasons are included and readers are encouraged to begin by saying the Angelus or Regina Caeli.

As well as these two daily offices, the book also includes ad hoc devotional prayers to say at morning and at night, as well as rosary devotions, sacramental prayers and plenty of Marian stuff. The presence of devotions to the Sacred Heart shows this is aimed at the more Baroque end of Anglo-Catholicism.

This is unfortunately a paperback. I really don't trust a paperback prayer book to be sturdy enough to last, though this is not a prayer book that I use all that regularly.

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