Sunday, 7 June 2015

The English Office Book

The English Office Book, 2006 reprint (1956) Canterbury Press

The English Office book is an adaptation of the office of morning and evening prayer from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer for Anglo-Catholics. Psalm refrains and daily hymns are provided to enrich the office, as well as a propers for a large selection of saints' feasts. Like the 1662 book, it has no order for compline. Evening prayer and night prayer are kept combined as one service.

The English Office also includes prayers to say before or after the daily office. Even better, Marian antiphons are included to follow evening prayer. It is delightful to see the words of the 1662 prayer book being followed in print by the words of the Salve Regina!

I especially like the inclusion of an Office of Saint Mary for Saturdays. I usually say the Saturday office of the Blessed Virgin using the Divine Office, so this prayer book version is a nice alternative. The 1662 litany is included, along with several more Catholic litanies.

One complaint I have is that the Psalms have Roman numerals. Not everybody reader is going to know their Roman numerals. However, on the whole I love this office book. I think I prefer this to the Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham, which follows the American 1928 BCP.


  1. A monarchist complaining about Roman numerals? Louis 14, Edward 8, Elisabeth 2. Something is missing.

    1. Yeah, I asked for that.

      But why are you posting anonymously? I won't hurt you.

  2. Why no mention of the Lectionary of 1922? One of the greatest attractions of The English Office Book is the inclusion of the daily lections. Paul Hartzell's wonderful The Prayer Book Office did this only for I Advent.

    The Liturgy Of The Hours for the 1928 American substituted the Revised Version for the King James. A most unfortunate choice, IMHO.

    1. This edition does not contain any lectionary.