Saturday, 9 May 2015

UKIP and Electoral Reform

Having made absolutely no gains in the election, Nigel Farage has started talking about electoral reform. It hardly makes him look terribly smart to start talking about it now, as if he previously had no insight into how the First Past the Post system was stacked against UKIP. Perhaps, they genuinely did have no understanding of this. I think UKIP's electoral strategy was badly miscalculated. Instead of targeting seats with Conservative majorities, they would have done far better to concentrate their energies on more marginal seats.

From an electoral point of view, it would make sense for UKIP to want PR. yet they aspire to be the party that represents the British way of doing this. You can't be a voice of conservatism while wanting to make a fundamental change to Britain's electoral system.

Would Farage really like us to become like Italy or Germany, with all their coalition governments? I can't imagine UKIP enjoying being part of a coalition and having to continually make compromises.

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