Saturday, 16 May 2015

Catholic Church Fathers, by Dave Armstrong

Dave Armstrong, Catholic Church Fathers: Patristic and Scholarly Proofs, 2013 self-published

Dave Armstrong's book 'The Quotable Eastern Church Fathers is a book of quotations without comment. This book, however, offers comment and argument as well as quotes.

It was a common belief among the Reformers that they were attempting to recover the faith of the Church Fathers and they frequently quoted and identified with the Fathers. In this book, Armstrong attempts to show that the Church Fathers were not proto-Protestants, but were fundamentally Catholic in their teaching. He spends some time addressing the Protestant mis-appropriation and selective quotation of the Fathers. A wide selection of Fathers are drawn upon in this book. Armstrong also fortifies his case by quoting the historians Philip Schaff and Jaroslav Pelikan.

This is a useful book. My only complaint is that sometimes I got confused where the quotation of the Father ends and Armstrong's comments began.

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