Saturday, 18 April 2015

Modern English Version Bible (MEV)

MEV Thinline Reference Bible, 2014 Charisma House

As a Protestant, I was a defender of the King James Bible. Not exactly KJV-Only, but I loved the King James Bible and distrusted modern translations. I was convinced that the Byzantine Majority Text underlying the KJV New Testament was superior to the Alexandrian critical text. I'm a Catholic now and own three different Catholic Bibles, but I still love the King James Bible and I am still not quite convinced by the methodology of textual critics.

When I announcement of the publishing of the MEV, still a Protestant, I was very excited. I was deeply interested in seeing another modern translation of the Textus Receptus alongside the NKJV. I decided that I would buy this Bible once it came out. However, it was not long after this announcement that I decided I was going to cross the Tiber and buying Catholic Bibles became more of a priority.

After I had acquired two Catholic Bibles (Douay-Rheims and NRSV), I felt it would be alright to buy a copy of the MEV.

While I will always prefer traditional language Bibles, I think the MEV is a decent and reliable modern translation. With its literal translation of the text it is a great choice for Bible study. I would say that it follows the King James Bible much more closely than the New King James version. References are included in the central column.

I'd like to see more Evangelicals using this Bible instead of the ESV. The impression I get, however, is that so far this Bible has not managed to get much of a corner of the Bible market. The ESV still maintains its dominance as the choice for serious Bible study among conservative Evangelicals and it's unlikely to win over those who want a dynamic translation like the NIV or NLT.

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