Monday, 27 April 2015

Daily Telegraph: Business is speaking up against leaving the EU. Will the 'outers' listen?

Daily Telegraph: Business is speaking up against leaving the EU. Will the 'outers' listen?

Article by Peter Wilding, director of British Influence

'In contrast, business leaders - from the City to manufacturing, from transport to the university sector, based anywhere from the Square Mile to the other side of the world - are now sounding daily warnings about the uncertainty which would be caused by a spluttering Europe policy. Many are also explicit about the danger of the country accidentally slipping out of Europe by giving a bad-tempered answer to a skewed question, asked at a random time and for the most ill-advised of all political reasons in the history of modern democracy: to keep the media and a clutch of europhobes "happy".

When each intervention is taken individually, it has been easy for "outer" organisations like Business for Britain, and Ukip wannabes like Dan Hannan MEP, to dismiss or denigrate, through the usual feat of combined shamelessness and distortion. Somehow – have you noticed? – it is always the wrong kind of business sounding the alarm.

They’re the "fat cats", or the global corporations, or the scheming SMEs "corrupted" by EU funds, or the iniversities who "benefit from EU money and students" or "large exporters", or those who "were wrong on the Euro" - evil people and companies all. What do they know (apart from what’s good for investment and job-creation)? Why should they speak? And my personal favourite: how dare they "tell the people what to do"?

Taken collectively, however, the drip-feed of reasonable, unemotional, self-preserving interventions are harder to minimise or discredit. They are now a waterfall, the sheer noise of which has become difficult to ignore.'

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