Monday, 2 February 2015

Truth at Home: Reviving a Neglected Ordinance: The Meaning of the Headcovering

Truth at Home: Reviving a Neglected Ordinance: The Meaning of the Headcovering

'I doubt anyone would deny the significance of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, however, when we come to the issue of the headcovering, most Christian folks I know are quick to throw it out as an outdated cultural custom. My goal is to show you step by step why I believe this practice is still binding for Christians today.'


  1. May share a personal story about how the Lord changed my heart toward head covering?

  2. Warning: Long and useless.

    I used to run every day in the morning before anyone woke up until last year a friend wanted so much to start being more active so I shifted to the afternoon to be able to encourage her.
    We are both not native of the place we live. We went to a very beautiful big park but we had no idea that there was so many Muslims around, until one Saturday my friend did not show up so I was alone and one of the park security guys comes and tells me, “You know, in this area you should wear head cover because men are not used to see women without a head scarf.”
    My first reaction in my mind was: WHAT? really?? This is a free (non-Muslim) country and a public space... you can't tell me that!
    I replied rather calmly that I do not think he has the right to impose on me such a thing and he replied he's not imposing, he is just suggesting that if I wanted to be respected and not followed in that area I should cover my hair or come with a man.
    I do not have brothers or husbands or boyfriend… and I did not want to bear false witness to who I am (appearing a Muslim) so I felt really annoyed and totally bond and not knowing what to do...
    I know the moral of the story should have been "Oh my! Those Muslims and their rules! bla bla bla " but as I went back home, I was praying in my heart and I was telling the Lord all my feelings and asking Him wisdom to deal with that case... and suddenly I have this moment of realization: "So if you are obliged to cover your head you are not free anymore? Is that the Freedom I gave you? Is your heart bond to what you look like, wear like, eat like...?" And the verse “The truth will set you free” kept coming back to my mind and “I am the truth…” I thought that was one lesson to learn from an apparent injustice and I started to think more and more about the whole issue about how our body is not really ours and how really all will pass away but the Word. It was really a shock to me that made me realize that people look at me and they deduce things they want even if they are not provoked. I thought if covering my head means purity and modesty, I will wear it really because at the end of the day what do I gain from looking free (in this world’s sense of freedom) but portraying immodesty to them…
    I do not run with a head cover now and I do not wear it to work or so because it really denotes a lot lot more than just purity and modesty but I know that in proper context, where it will be a sign of modesty without all the Muslim connotation , I will do it (if that makes sense…).