Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rite of Election with Cardinal Nichols

I was at Westminster Cathedral today for the Rite of Election, when those of us intending to be received into the Catholic Church this Easter are officially recognised as either candidates for confirmation or catechumens to be baptized.

It was very awe inspiring to see so many people across the Westminster diocese seeking admission to the Catholic Church. Eight of us from the RCIA group in our parish attended.

The service, presided over by Cardinal Vincent Nichols the Archbishop of Westminster, was very beautiful and dignified. I enjoyed it immensely.

It was my first visit to Westminster Cathedral. It certainly is an impressive place, with its Neo-Byzantine architecture. Naturally I bought some souveneirs in the Cathedral gift shop. I bought another figurine of Our Lady, a leather bookmark, a CD of music performed by the Westminster Cathedral Choir and a St. Helena prayer card.

I briefly got to shake hands with the cardinal after the service, but I think by that time he was very weary of shaking hands and appearing in photographs with people.


  1. Oh waw! Was it open for public? I wish I could attend such a ceremony! It must be beautiful! And the souvenirs sound so nice! I was indeed looking for a nice bookmark myself so keep yours safe hehe ^^

  2. Yes, it was a public service. Though over half the seating was taken up by candidates and catechumens. There were several rite of election services over the weekend, as the Westminster diocese is huge.