Monday, 23 February 2015

Father Ed's Blog: The Anglo-Catholicism landscape post Ordinariate

Father Ed's Blog: The Anglo-Catholicism landscape post Ordinariate

'This point is emphasised when one ponders the ecumenical landscape. Let’s get real. The ordination of women, and the ordination of practicing homosexuals within Anglicanism has killed hope of formal unity between Canterbury and Rome. Conversation will continue. We must maintain good relations. But hope of a formal union is over. So anyone claiming to work for the sort of unity that seemed possible forty years ago is living in la la land. And if one is not working for such unity- as the shift of liturgical clothing by Anglo-Catholics from cotta and stole to hood and scarf in recent years might suggest- then what exactly is the Catholicism to which you adhere?

Because the Church of England has made a permanent statement about its Catholic claim when it tinkered with the three fold order. Pope Francis said the door is forever closed on women priests for Catholics. He is right. Therefore the Church of England would need to release every woman ordained and then refuse to create more for true unity to be possible. And this isn’t going to happen. So what do Anglo-Catholics make of this dilemma?'


  1. Long story short, I don't care about it post-ordinariate. Other than being fair by pointing out when necessary that liberal high church, which is what they now are, is different from the rest of mainline Protestantism and from Catholic liberals. They're credally orthodox (more conservative than other mainliners) and love our small-t traditions (such as the Latin Mass; libcaths don't) but they don't really love the church.

    1. Thanks for dropping in and sharing your thoughts!