Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wisdom from Fr Anthony Chadwick on Islam

Fr Anthony Chadwick made a great point on the subject of Islam on his blog.

Responding to an anti-Islamic outburst in the comments, he replied:

It’s very simple. You play into the hands of the terrorists. People like you blame all Muslims and your solution (as you have already said) is the Extreme Right and the persecution of all Muslims, leading to further radicalisation and escalation from both sides. Fine by me – enjoy your war!

This is the problem I see with right-wing writers who constantly attack Islam. It simply provokes ordinary Muslims into a hostile stance toward the west and western values and further feeds extremism.

You can start a blog and spend all your time writing about how evil and wicked Islam is. Maybe Islam is just as evil and wicked as you think it is, but  that is not going to stop Muslims being Muslims and it is not going to stop the terrorists killing people.

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