Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Feast of Saint Gregory of Nyssa

God our Father, Saint Gregory, your bishop, praised you by the splendor of his life and teaching. In your kindness, as we forget what is past and reach out to what is before us, help us to attain that vocation to which we are called.

Prayer of St. Gregory of Nyssa

Lord, from You flows true and continual kindness. 
You had cast us off and justly so, 
but in Your mercy You forgave us. 
You were at odds with us, 
and You reconciled us. 
You had set a curse on us, 
and You blessed us. 
You had banished us from the garden, 
and You called us back again. 
You took away the fig leaves 
that had been an unsuitable garment, 
and You clothed us in a cloak of great value. 
You flung wide the prison gates, 
and You gave the condemned a pardon. 
You sprinkled clean water on us, 
and You washed away the dirt.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa, pray for us and for all theologians.


  1. Yesterday at Church we celebrated the feast of St Gregory the Theologian... And now I am totally confused...
    Are there three Saint Greories? Because I tried to search and there seemed to be another Pope Gregory I and his feast day is either March or September...

    1. There are actually lots and lots of saints called Gregory- Gregory of Sinai, Gregory the Illuminator, Gregory Palamas, etc. it's a very holy name!

      St. Gregory the Theologian is usually called Gregory Nazianzen by Catholics. He and St. Gregory of Nyssa, along with Gregory of Nyssa's brother, St. Basil the Great are called the Cappadocian Fathers (Cappadocia is a region of southern Turkey). These three were immensely important in developing and defining the doctrine of the Trinity after Nicea. Gregory of Nyssa and Basil also had a sister, St. Macrina who was a theologian herself.

    2. Thank you sir for the clarification =)
      I wish I was from a family of theologians...

    3. They probably get into lots of arguments at the dinner table...