Thursday, 29 January 2015

Stand Firm: The State Has Spoken, Bend the Knee

Stand Firm: The State Has Spoken, Bend the Knee

'The “law of the Land” is apparently of sufficient authority for the Archbishop and all those present to overrule an appeal to the bible. Nothing but Jesus’ return could have stopped this consecration from going forward - I understand that - but knowing the objection would be raised you might think Archbishop Sentamu might have prepared some semblance of a biblical response (and there could only be a semblance) rather than simply appealing the authority of the state. I understand that England is, legally speaking, a “Christian” government and the Church of England a state church but she is supposedly and theoretically a state church under the supreme authority of the word of God.'

It is a bit disappointing really. But the foundations were laid under Henry VIII.

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