Saturday, 10 January 2015

PBS Branch Committee Meeting at St. Albans Cathedral

I'm on the committee of our Prayer Book Society branch. We held a meeting this afternoon.

We met at the Shrine of St. Alban in St. Albans' Cathedral and Abbey for Holy Communion. Being a convert to Roman Catholicism, I naturally did not receive myself. This was celebrated according to the Shorter Prayer Book. The priest on the committee being an Anglo-Catholic, there were of course some deviations from the rite in the book. He pointed out that it was Arcbishop William Laud's feast day. There was no collect for Laud in the Shorter Prayer Book, but in his honour the priest placed the offertory and Lord's Prayer before the reception, liturgical changes that Laud favoured.

It was fortunate that I happened to have a pocket-sized King James Bible in my bag. I was asked to read the epistle, but there are no readings contained in the Shorter Prayer Book.

After the communion service, we got on with our meeting and made some great plannings for Prayer Book activities for the coming months.

While I was in St. Albans abbey, I purchased a small figurine of the Blessed Virgin from the gift shop. Being new to Catholicism, I have no statues or pictures of Our Lady in my apartment and felt I ought to get one, otherwise I'm not a proper Catholic. It is an image of Our Lady triumphing over the serpent, an image that a Calvinist once told me was blaspheous because it is Christ who triumphs over the serpent. I would have liked to have got a figurine of Mary crowned, as I am particularly devoted to Mary as Queen of Heaven, but that was the only one they had.

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