Saturday, 1 November 2014

Daily Telegraph: Leaving the EU wouldn’t solve our immigration problem

Daily Telegraph: Leaving the EU wouldn’t solve our immigration problem

Article by Fraser Nelson

'Instead of being pulled on to Ukip’s territory, he should fight on his own. The complex truth is that the mass movement of workers affects every nation, which is why even non-EU countries like Switzerland and Norway have greater immigration levels than Britain. The United States controls its own borders (in theory) yet illegal workers remain a huge political issue. Immigration will always be a problem for any rich country – the more important question is how you handle it. And here, the Conservatives have a strong story to tell.

Remarkably, Britain does have enough jobs to go around. Cameron has so far overseen more job creation than any prime minister in postwar history, sending unemployment plunging. Earlier this week, it emerged that fewer children now live in workless households than any point in the Labour boom years: another extraordinary achievement. Part of the reason that Cameron’s net migration target won’t be met is that Brits aren’t emigrating as rapidly as they did under Labour. The Prime Minister can be very much blamed for making this country more attractive, to natives and foreigners alike.

If there were people lined up at Dover, desperate to get to Calais, it would be time to panic – our problems are, in no small part, the problems of success. Leaving the EU will not make these problems go away. And if Cameron wants to start beating Ukip, he should be brave enough to say so.'

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