Thursday, 2 October 2014

You Either accept Free Movement or Leave

Our prime minister said in his speech at the Conservative Party conference that renegotiating free movement of labour would be central to his European agenda.

That Mr. Cameron has said such a thing indicates he either does not really understand the EU or he really wants to leave.

Free movement of labour is not some minor clause in a treaty; it is a fundamental principle of the European Union. It is a foundation on which the whole institution of the Eu is built. Without free movement of labour, the EU is not the EU but something else. It is not a principle that is subject to negotiotion.

Can you really have genuine free trade in the EU without free movement of labour? I don't think you can. The two go together. If I start a business or expand my own company into Belgium or Italy, I would very likely want to bring in my own managers and specialists to work in those countries. That is where free movement of labour comes in.

Britain has had problems due to immigration. There have been housing shortages in some areas and some public services have struggled to cope. Yet European immigrants have made a huge contribution to our economy and many work in hospitals delivering services that we all benefit from. Many of these immigrants are decent hardworking Christian people who have enriched our communities. Immigration is good for Britain.

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