Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Mad Monarchist: Revolutionary Republicans and the Ten Commandments...

'Every now and then, I still come across professed devout Christians who are republicans (shocking, I know). Some, contradictorily, even state that monarchy could be a better vehicle for godly government but that being a Christian contradicts being a monarchist. Which is absurd and obviously makes no sense. I will not repeat the very, very long list of Biblical passages explicitly commanding Christians to be monarchists, long-time readers have seen them and they are in the archives for newcomers to look up if they so wish. Rather, I would like to dispel the myth that revolutionary republicanism is or can be truly Christian by referring back to the most uncontroversial and widely accepted guidelines for behavior by all Christian groups and even by others of different religions (especially the Jews who everyone else pinched them from). I am referring, of course, to the Ten Commandments (not suggestions) and I do so not only because almost every Christian recognizes them but also because I have found them to be invaluable myself. When things get complicated, when arguments arise over what is “right” and what is “wrong” I always go back to the Ten Commandments; if you keep to them you should be in pretty good shape. No other rules were written by God’s own hand and they are also simply pretty good, common sense advice on how to have a good life and a good society. 
The problem for revolutionary republicans and their leftist, socialist, egalitarian cohorts today is that they break every single one of them and that should demonstrate with absolute clarity how being a revolutionary republican is not only a poor fit with Christianity but is absolutely contradictory to it. Truly keep the Ten Commandments and you will have to be a traditional monarchist but be a revolutionary republican and you will be compelled to break every single one of them. There are some slight variations from group to group on how the Ten Commandments are numbered, how some are grouped together, but they all come out the same so feel free to disregard the numbers, I am using the list in my well worn prayer book and the Commandments are all there, so let’s have a look'

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