Friday, 24 October 2014

Prayers to Mary, by Most Rev. Virgilio Noe

Most Rev. Virgilio Noe (ed.), Prayers to Mary 2007 Catholic Book Publishing Corp. New Jersey

Another excellent little book from the Catholic Book Publishing Corp.

This pocket-sized volume introduces the reader to some of the less well known Marian prayers and hymns. The average Latin-rite Catholic is not familiar with the Akathist hymns, the Marian elements of the Chaldean liturgy or the VisiGothic book of prayer, yet these are all translated and served up in Prayers to Mary, thus offering a rich sample of Marian devotion through the ages. An appendix also provides some of the more well known prayers to Mary, for those who are new to Marian devotion.

Prayers to Mary is compact and can easily be carried in one's jacket pocket or handbag. I carry mine with me in the bag I take to work.

This is a great book to expand enrich one's prayer life. My only complaint is that all the illustrations are Byzantine-style images of Mary, which rather excludes some of the rich western iconography of the Blessed Virgin. Perhaps the editors assumed that the reader would be familiar enough with western images of Our Lady.

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