Monday, 13 October 2014

Boris Johnson Embraces Illogical Thinking

Daily Telegraph: The answer to the Ukip anger is simple: vote David Cameron

Well, I agree with the message of voting Conservative, but then he says:

If you sit people down, and inquire more deeply about the subject, it is obvious that their feelings are more complicated. Try asking them: well, do you want to kick out old Mr so-and-so who runs the corner shop and has done for years? People will say, no, of course not. So then you say, and how about the such-and-such family who came from Albania 14 years ago, and have done such a fantastic job with that restaurant in the high street? And then they say, you must be joking. I love a nice spaghetti alle vongole.

So then you ask them: well, who is it that you want to remove from this country? Is it the construction workers from around the world that enable us to create homes in London, and without whom the building sites would be half-deserted? Is it the nurses from the Philippines and from Nigeria on whom the NHS depends? Is it the doctors from Romania – like the one who, as Douglas Carswell reminds us, has won a place in the heart of his patients in Clacton-on-Sea? Is it the east Europeans who are indispensable to the retail, catering, hotels and service economy in London and who have helped to make it the capital of the world?

Is it the French bankers? The American academics? The Chinese tycoons? Who is it, precisely, that is so noisome in your nostrils? Whose language is it that you find most offensive on the buses?
At this point, of course, the kipper – and everyone who agrees with them – will get rather impatient, and say, look here: I don’t object to any particular person, and I have nothing against any particular group. It is just the number of them, that’s what bothers me, they will say. It’s the speed of the change, they say – and above all it’s the fact that politicians keep dissembling about it all.
And there, my friends, I think we must accept that the kippers and would-be kippers have a point. The anger is not against immigrants; there is no real resentment of people who come here, work hard, learn to speak English and make their lives in this country. The anger is against the politicians.

I love Boris and would be happy to see him as prime minister, but this makes absolutely no logical sense. He concludes that the UKIP supporters are right to conclude that there are too many immigrants, while not being able to identify any particular group of working and tax-paying immigrants as being undesirable. How can one establish logically that there are too many immigrants without being able to say which immigrants are superfluous and undesirable? On what basis can one conclude that there are too many of these admittedly productive people?

Boris Johnson just does not have the guts to say that those voting UKIP are wrong about immigration.

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