Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Book of Common Prayer

I am not an Anglican. I never have been and never will. Nevertheless, I have a great fondness for the Book of Common Prayer, even to the extent of being a member of the Prayer Book Society. I frequently use the 1662 BCP in my private devotion. I often say morning and evening prayer. Obviously, it is meant for congregational use and requires a little adaptation for private use. I also supplement it wiht prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Perhaps I ought to exclusively use Catholic prayer books, but I love the majestic English language of the BCP too much. Most Catholic prayer books are written in horribly banal English that simply does not compare.

As regards other editions of the BCP, I use the 1662 because it is the most widely available edition in the UK. I have not studied the 1928 edition that much, but I have heard it has a sliglty more polished, bourgeous tone to the 1662. Apparently it lacks the rugged, earthiness of its predecessor.

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