Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Altar Girls

One thing that seems to get Catholic Traditionalists very cross is altar girls. Being new to Catholicism, I don't really understand why that is such an issue. The altar girls in my parish look very pretty in their cassocks. Nevertheless, I can relate to the feeling, whatever the reason. As a Protestant, women preachers used to get me furious and still do.


  1. Altar boys are substitutes for minor clergy (the order of acolyte) and a recruiting tool for the priesthood (like British school cadets for the army). Altar girls are another obvious attempt by liberals to promote women's ordination, like women lectors and Eucharistic ministers. But the ordination of women is impossible so this is a dead end, and when you bring in the girls, you get fewer altar boys and thus fewer new priests.

  2. Thanks for commenting. We have about the same number of altar boys and girls at our parish.

  3. Before they became the British ordinariate, Anglo-Papalist Anglicans had them too and I think still do, as illogical as that is. Because they were trying to obey Rome in their way, they've long been Novus Ordo. British Anglo-Catholics didn't love the Prayer Book like American ones do because in England it was used against them, beside its being heretical.

    1. The original Oxford Movement loved the prayer book. They had no desire for liturnical innovation.

      Would you say the 1662 prayer book was heretical only in the communion service or also in other parts?