Thursday, 7 August 2014

The X-Files and Catholicism

When I was fifteen, the science fiction-themed crime drama The X-Files was the best thing on television. I was absolutely hooked on the show.

One of the things in The X-Files is it's occasional dabbling in Catholic themes. This was often done in a rather crass manner, but they were definitely there. It was an interesting aspect of the show that one of the main characters, Agent Dana Scully was brought up Catholic. The writers were somewhat inconsistent in how they portrayed the level and commitment of Scully's faith; sometimes she would be completely backslidden and rather sceptical about religious claims, at other times she seemed to have a fairly healthy faith.

Coming from an Evangelical Protestant family, I was intrigued watching The X-Files as a teenager. It certainly made me curious and very interested in Catholicism. At 16 I went through a phase of fascination with Catholicism, before going through an atheist phase.

My recent desire to convert to the Catholic Church coincided with my buying the complte X-Files DVD set and re-wathing those old episodes that I enjoyed so much back in 1995 and 1996.

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