Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Independent: Obsessing over our children’s moral welfare won’t do them any good

The Independent: Obsessing over our children’s moral welfare won’t do them any good

This, of course, is the problem. We helicopter over our children so much (and I am as guilty about this as anyone else), that when we leave them alone and unattended by an adult for an hour or two, we imagine they are immediately rushing to their iPods and that their use of the internet will lead them straight into either grooming sessions with potential paedophiles, or hard core porn which will corrupt their natures and make them think sex is something which involves brutality.

Certainly our children do spend a lot of time on their screens, and I am as impatient with the dread habit of texting at the dinner table as the next parent. But when they are sitting down with their devices, what are they actually doing? Chatting to their friends it seems, via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest. Or sending silly videos of people having gallons of ice being poured all over them. Or sharing cat pictures, and more cat pictures. Or pug pictures. Or finding out why Häagen Dazs is so called. Or learning how to make smiley bananas out of loom bands. And so on. There is a lot of crafting out there. And socialising. Because their terrified parents won’t let them go out and socialise in real time, face to face with their friends in parks.

Article by Rosie Millard

There does seem to be a bit of a moral panic going on about children using the internet.

Personally, I think sex education is a much bigger threat to the morality of the young than internet porn. And sex education is exactly what these new guardians of morality want to impose on our children.

The Daily Telegraph recently called for schools to teach children about internet pornography. How in the world do you teach children about pornography without making them want to look at it? Surely it is obvious that such lessons would only make children more curious about porn.

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