Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tekton Ticker: Musicians' Gambit, Part 1: Mercy Me

Tekton Ticker: Musicians' Gambit, Part 1: Mercy Me:

The contrast is stark: My own studies have reached the conclusion that God is best understood in terms of a patron whose involvement is far from intimate. Mercy Me’s deity is, on the contrary, a personal buddy, “always here with me” and out to “save the day” (as if this were indeed God’s purpose and role!). This is a theology impossible to reconcile with even the most poorly formulated assertion of the problem of evil, and it sends the same mixed message not only to Christian suffering in their own way, but to the world at large. 

J.P. Holding offers some critical comments on a worship song. I agree with him that there are quite a number of problems with worship music, perhaps not so much the doctrine of these songs, but their tone and ethos.

While the older Protestant hymnody had a range of themes, dealing with all different circumstances of life, the worship music of today is all about having an awesome emotional high that is not really reflective of a genuine Christian life.

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