Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Parish Church of King Charles the Martyr, Tunbridge Wells

I visited the Anglican church of King Charles the Martyr in Tunbridge Wells today. It's a 17th century church with a beautiful stained glass window depicting the angel of the resurrection above the altar. I visited this church about four years ago and decided to make a return visit.

I've never been to a service at King Charles the Martyr, so I don't know what it is like or how sound the minister is, but I was encouraged to see that they use the Book of Common Prayer in some of their services.

I am very devoted to King Charles the Martyr and regard him as a saint. He died at the hands of wicked Calvinists.

King Charles the Martyr, pray for us and for England. Pray for our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth that she would be faithful to the Christian relgiion. Pray for Scotland, that her ancient Christian faith would flourish.


  1. King Charles is someone to admire.

    Remember about Anglicans that liturgical conservatism doesn't necessarily mean theological or political conservatism. In England, 1662 Evensong for tourists is often done, such as at cathedrals. Anglicans of all kinds do it.

    1. Quite so. I have never been an Anglican and could never join the Church of England.

      I love the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, but I otherwise I feel far more at home with Rome.