Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Catholic Book of Prayers

Catholic Book of Prayers, ed. Rev. Maurus Fitzgerald, OFM, 2011 Catholic Book Publishing Corp, New Jersey

I bought this not long after deciding I wanted to become a Catholic. For somebody new to Catholicism, it is an invaluable resource, as it outlines those prayers that cradle Catholics no doubt know by heart, but which are not so familiar to those us separated or ex-separated brethren.

The material on the rosary is very helpful, with an explanation of each of the mysteries. A short introuction to Catholic teaching is included at the back.

On the negative side, I would have liked it to have included a few more Marian prayers and prayers to saints. I would also have included the St. Michael Prayer in the chapter 'Common Prayers.' I must say I do lament the fact that so few Catholic prayers address God using 'thou' and 'thee,' which I personally feel is more reverant.

A cheap, but extremely useful resource.

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